Agile Approach & Scrum

Difficulty: Easy

We use an Agile approach through the Scrum process to manage and develop projects. It’s an interactive method of finding and implementing the requirements in a process where the client plays an important role and is continuously involved. 

With Scrum, the project timeline is done through a series of iterative cycles called Sprints. On each project, we will create a set of Sprints throughout the project. 

Each Sprint involves a multidisciplinary team and includes the following tasks: planning, requirement analysis, design, development and testing. Each cycle has a team between 2 to 5 elements with the proper qualifications to implement all requirements identified on that sprint.

This Scrum methodology implies that the project has a list of features and their requirements (Product Backlog). These functionalities must be organized by priorities according to the needs and requirements of the client. It is the shared responsibility between WidgiLabs and the client to keep the Product Backlog updated, well-written and easy to understand. 

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