Checklist Website Launch

  1. Check to make sure contact forms forward to the correct person.
  2. Turn search engines ‘ON’.
  3. Cross-browser check. 
  4. Mobile version check (regular/smartphone/iPad)
  5. Install/Confirm Google Analytics. 
  6. Check email settings. Launching a new website can occasionally reek havoc on a client’s email settings. Before we launch a new site we always take a look at how their email is set up and take any necessary precautions to avoid any disruptions.
  7. Modify DNS records to point the site to the appropriate domain name. 
  8. Check images and links. Once the domain is pointed to the new site there is always the chance that some of our images or links might not work, so we always double check to make sure that everything is still routed correctly.
  9. Install Google XML Sitemap plugin. 
  10. Set up file backups on server
  11. Set up database backups in WP
  12. Run WP Security Scan directory permissions scanner
  13. Run Secure WordPress plugin audit
  14. Enable Login Lockdown plugin
  15. Disable File Editor for plugins and themes
  16. Add site to WL portfolio
  17. Head downtown and celebrate a job well done
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