Client Design Presentation

Some fundamental principles that all of our design/layout presentations should follow:

  • the presentation must include the previous/current version of the design (if any) so the client can compare and understand the evolution / starting point;
  • the presentation should include an argument or explanation of what was done and why (when possible provide data to support the argument);
  • the presentation must include a tablet or mobile preview;
  • the design presentation must be done on a call (rather than by email – and led by the designer involved) in order to capture firsthand the client’s reaction to the design and be able to “follow it”, present the reasoning behind the work and clarify any doubts that may exist;
  • the presentation must contain the references given by the client and also the references found by WL that inspired the work or that are relevant to present;
  • the presentation must contain an invision link that allows the client to explore the layout within the context for which it was designed (browser);
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