Evaluating Your Work

At the end of the day you will need to know if you are doing your job well. Answering these questions should help you evaluate that as well as others evaluating your work as a PM.

  1. Were you able to assemble the client’s site on the preview environment to show and demo the client?
  2. Weekly (or by Sprint): did the team always have assigned work to be completed?
  3. Have you unblocked all the issues raised by the team or by the client that in the way?
  4. Have you looked at all the issues on JIRA at are ‘In Review’ and moved them to ‘Done’ or ‘To-Do’?
  5. Is the client updated about the project status?
  6. Does the client have a next meeting scheduled?
  7. All tickets in the current Sprint are assigned?
  8. Are the tickets well described and clear to understand?
  9. Is the next milestone of each project clear to you?
  10. Is the project hitting the desired profitability?
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