Sprint Planning

Difficulty: Easy

At the beginning of each Sprint there is a meeting (Sprint Planning), where all the priority tasks on the Product Backlog that are possible to implement during the time available for the sprint are selected and estimated. There is an effective compromise of the team in closing the tasks identified and estimated for each sprint. 

Once the Sprint is initiated there are no changes to the Sprint Backlog (unless agreed with the Scrum Master), new requests or changes go into the Product Backlog and according to their priority will be scheduled for next sprints. 

These points must be respected for the Sprint Planning Meeting:

  • The Scrum Master leads the meeting and prepares the Sprint contents,
  • User Stories and tasks are estimated by the team (via Story Points),
  • One or two people from the client may attend as the Product Owner,
  • Meeting starts on time,
  • Story Points for Maintenance tasks are reserved in advanced and the previous Sprint maintenance needs are taken into account.
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